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Tapping on the eyebrow.

Leigh Grissom, LMT, Certified EFT Practitioner

I have experienced healing through EFT!

My name is Leigh Grissom.  I am just a southern wife and mother, doing what wives and mothers do.  In this process, I became overwhelmed with not being enough and began suffering with symptoms of anxiety.  I spent 2017 going to doctors, having tests run, and taking time off of work.  Headaches, constant body tension and pain, unexplainable abdominal pain, feeling the urge to vomit every time I ate, along with heart palpitations and feeling like I couldn't breath......these are a few anxiety symptoms I experienced and I was D>O>N>E!  

I had a little experience with EFT but not much.  I began to research more into it and found it fascinating.  As a Christian, I struggled with the fact that it was based on the meridian system.  I thought that it would go against my beliefs.  After much praying and studying, I realized that this was not true and that this is a gift we can all use.

Since I began EFT tapping, I have stopped drinking that beer daily just to take the edge off.  I am more patient with my children....more attentive to my husband....more intentional with my extended family...speak easier to strangers....Not as longer crave sweets....expressing my feelings more easily.

EFT is amazing and can change the way you move through life, as well!  Give me a chance to work with you and help you work though the things that are holding you back.